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Spend Time With Yourself

praisinghim[1]Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with all the holiday activities? Does it seem as if you need another eight hours in the day in order to get everything accomplished? Do you feel pressured to get the perfect gift for loved ones and others? Have you lost the joy you used to associate with this time of the year? if your answer is yes, then may I suggest you put a halt to the madness and spend some time with yourself?

Too often we allow the commercialism to overtake us and forget the real meaning and purpose of this time of year. It’s not about any one particular faith that I’m speaking to. So let’s not pound the keys in response. Everyone has their own ideal of what the season means to them. It can be what has been passed down through family tradition, faith, environment and the like, Regardless there’s one person who is  intimately involved and that person is you.

So why not get off the train and spend some time with yourself? Here’s a wonderful recipe and I know it works.

1. A quiet room lit by candlelight

2. Soft music playing in the background

3. Soft and warm blanket to throw across your shoulders

4. Hot chocolate or something stronger if you prefer

5. Old pictures you haven’t looked at in years to stir the memories

6. Journal to write your musings or just to jot something down you may want to revisit again


8. Later get a hot shower to wash the remaining stresses of the day away and get you in the mood for a good night’s sleep

9. Early to bed with a smile on your face

10. Early rising with thanksgiving in your heart and a new resolve to enjoy the moments as they come

Now don’t you just love yourself? And when you get really good at it share it with a very special someone. Oh the joy! Gotta go! Honey I’m on my way home!!

Give Freely of Yourself and Heal

I know it sounds easy but in reality it can be hard. In the beginning that is. By giving of yourself you are negating the effects that have held you in a vice grip for far too long. Share your story and watch the shackles break away and fall.  It is only when you hold on that you find yourself stuck feeling unloved, hurt, unwanted and just plain not you. So rediscover you today. Tell your story, the failures, the lessons, the triumphs the tears and the joy. Before you know it that smile you paste on your face each day to get by will become genuine and no one, I mean no one can ever take your joy again! That is not without your permission.

Today take it all back. Reclaim your purpose, your joy your hopes and your dreams, Share it with those around you and even a stranger. Who knows you may be just the one they’ve been waiting for to remind them that all is not lost, that life is still good. After all you woke up this morning, didn’t you.Tulips

Celebrate Your Milestones

Oscar Hugging Janice-HIt has taken me years to realize the importance of celebrating milestones, Too often we tend to stay buried in the failures or trials we go through. I believe we need to do a reversal. Instead of spending so much time on the failures take the lessons from them and begin to plot your strategy to reach a successful result.

This week that is exactly what I’m doing! I’m celebrating being healed from past unhealthy relationships and now thriving in one that is full of love, wonder, hope, togetherness, encouragement, faith, support, laughter, joy, fun, quiet, peace and did I mention love?

Of course I did. I can’t imagine not having this peace and joy in my life for it is full of love, mutual respect and caring. If I’d remained in the past I shudder to think how empty life would be now. I may not be as young as I used to be but my heart is always young and so is the love that flows from me even when we are faced with adversity. Together we are unbeatable.

Each minute, hour, day that I’m granted in this world I vow to celebrate the milestones. How about you!