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Making a Difference Many One Steps at a Time

Oftentimes people feel as if there’s nothing they can do to make a difference in an issue they may feel passionate about. Today I want to remind you that is not the case. Think of it as filling a 50 gallon drum with water using a tablespoon. One person can definitely fill that drum, it may take them a good while but can can be done. On the other hand if you had a thousand people with tablespoons that drum can be filled a lot quicker and in the process those thousand people have an opportunity to get to know each other, laugh while filling that drum and encourage each other to finish.

Now replace the drum with an organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women affected by domestic violence and replace the tablespoon with $1.00. No matter how you look at it filling that organization $1.00 at a time is going to take a very long time but a collective group of people pooling their $1.00 can fill a need that organization has in order for the organization to meet the needs of the people they serve.

This was never more evident than this past Saturday when Fresh Start for Women celebrated 10 years of serving the community as an all-volunteer organization. Having so many past participants to come back to say thank you or to serve in a volunteer capacity was a welcome sight. In addition having members of the community come out to enjoy good food listen to great music featuring Ms. Marsha DuPree and the Sweet Soul Jazz Masters capped off an evening that had many items available to bid on.

It’s rare that a small nonprofit is recognized for its work so on this occasion Fresh Start for Women received a congratulatory letter from Governor Deal as well as a letter from DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May. In addition DeKalb County declared September 27, 2014 as Fresh Start for Women Day.All of this just goes to show the small strives made by the organization when counted together becomes a big impact. Fresh Start for Women has never had a large budget but it has not prevent it from making a difference in the lives of 365 women and 68 teen girls.

Money raised on Saturday will help with the “You Are a Precious Jewel” program for teen girls 13 – 17 developed to serve as a catalyst to keep girls from falling prey to teen violence, abuse and sexual assault by encouraging them to be the very best they can be and not be defined by any circumstance.

Want to learn more about the organization visit: We are fast approaching the end of 2014 a time when many begin to look for organizations worthy of being supported. This year won’t you consider a small nonprofit? They do make a difference and so can you one step at a time. After all Fresh Start for Women has proven that for the past 10 years.