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Pain – What Does it Mean?

I recently had a visit to the dentist. It all started because I had a scheduled cleaning and during the cleaning mentioned I’d had some sensitivity to hot or cold  and it was beginning to give me a nagging bit of pain. Now I must admit visits to the dentist have always terrified me since the day a dentist decided to cram as much work as possible in a short amount of time. This decision resulted in excruciating pain that sent me to the emergency room to get some relief! As a result of that incident I now wear a partial because I simply refused to visit a dentist again for the longest time. I do regret that but the idea of having someone in my mouth would cause me to hyperventilate in anticipation of pain.

Now years later and after finally finding a place to relax (a little) when this pain nudged me I made an appointment. Suffice it to say I went in expecting to have one tooth extracted and ended up with two and one of those happen to have two nerves. Now I won’t get too graphic but it took SEVERAL shots to dull me where I didn’t feel pain. During the process I think I was gripping the arms of the chair while tears were running down my face. My heart was pounding so loudly in my ears it felt like a set of drums! But I survived! Two days later I’m almost back to normal.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you when something is wrong. of course there are various types of pain. Tooth, head, arm etc. but what about your heart? Not the kind that could signal a heart attack or stroke but the kind that signals to your emotions that you are going through a different type of crisis. This type can cause you to question who you are, whether you made bad choices and decisions or whether you put too much trust in another human being.

This type of pain can be devastating but if you take the time to step back you’ll be grateful for this temporary pain. Why? Once the rawness of the pain has diminished the lesson or scars can help you in future relationships. You’ll learn to listen to that inner voice that warns you something isn’t quite right. It’ll help you to make wiser choices and decisions going forward. But only if you listened and learned from the first pain.

So if you think about it pain can be your friend. And like a true friend it will tell you the unvarnished truth. The memory of the pain may fade but in the back of your mind you’ll remember what it felt like and will do all you can to avoid that type of pain again.

Yes, pain is my friend but it’s a friend I don’t need to visit often. How about you?